Monday 17 May 2010


As I have previously said I have been editing the first part of the novel. This is important and I need to get it right. Why? Because my novel uses multiple voices. I have four main characters who each have a story of their own which is intertwined with a girl from Afghanistan, that has run away from sex traffickers, and a WW2 veteran. It will make sense I promise. They are very independent and I needed to get their voices right so they reflected who they really were.

Teenage voices are not always easy to get and as readers they are very quick to spot a fake voice. So it is worth making the effort to get them right in the beginning. Having got their introductory chapters spot on they can become my pattern or style bible for their future chapters. I can look back at them and think how would ....react in a certain situation.

I always read my work out loud as I also tell my students to. But my DoS pointed out that it needed to be more of a performance than just reading out. That way you can hear when sentences are really not working. Plus it gives you a chance to hear the voices you are creating. It was a moment of pure inspiration on my DoS's part as it has made this huge difference to how I hear my work. I should add you do feel a bit of prat performing your work but if you do it when the house is empty you can really get into it. Just call me Judy Dench from now onwards.

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