Monday 3 May 2010

Even in Creative Writing...

I have spent this weekend researching for a piece I am doing on 'research informed teaching' [RIT] in creative writing. It has been an interesting experience as in the majority of texts promoting the benefits and importance of RIT any practice based degree is ignored. Certainly never being used as the basis for a case study. But then I have read a variety of articles on practice-led research which appear to take for granted the concept of RIT(or perhaps are just not aware that they are undertaking RIT activities).
When I was at a meeting the question was asked (as I think I may have said before) that even creative writing must have a methodology? I was surprised to hear this as I thought that the misconceptions about creative writing degrees had been buried. Apparently not. Those involved in 'traditional' subjects still seem to find it very difficult to assimilate research with creativity. The fact that both are intertwined and reliant upon the other seems to be ignored or impossible to understand. (see previous post mentioning Melrose's Creative criticality and critical creativity concept).
As part of this I have been thinking a lot about a model that Andrew Melrose and I have been developing. The need for it as it ties in ontological stances with epistemological stances and with methodology embedded in the centre. I realised that each creative project is not stand alone for an individual. Rather every creative project evolves out of previous projects, as such, there is no beginning or ending just a continuum. It was a very satisfying thought.


  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I

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  2. Thank you Alena, I am glad you enjoy it. I enjoy writing it.