Tuesday 14 April 2015


This is very important to me and is relevant because of my latest WIP Flight and because of the freedom many of us are lucky to have now due to those who gave up their lives then.

We need to keep fighting to ensure everyone has a right to freedom and education. Wherever they are in the world and whoever they are. Whatever sex they are and whichever religion they wish to follow. Nobody has a right to take that away from them. Not in my name. Life is for living. Books are for reading and exploring. The world should be full of joy and laughter that we share. Not full of grief and bitterness and anger. #notsilent

Sunday 12 April 2015

#UKYADAY - let's celebrate!

Today is #UKYA Day on Twitter as organised by Lucy Powrie. A whole day celebrating young adult fiction. Authors and bloggers and readers  talking about how wonderful young adult fiction is. In a way they will be speaking to the converted and not reaching those who need to learn how great young adult fiction is.

Only a few weeks ago there was yet another article about an adult author berating young adult fiction for being morally lacking and simplistic. It was very obvious he had never read a young adult book in his life. Don't make comments like this until you have done your research. Even this week on BBC's Radio 2 I heard of an adult author who thought they'd write a YA book as there aren't many books for girls.....WHAT? Where are these people? What are they looking at? Who is doing there research for them?

Another survey highlighted that a large percentage of Young Adult Fiction readers are in fact adult and not the teenage market it is aimed at. You immediately got those who wanted to dismiss this by saying that those adults wanted an easy read and didn't want to make any effort hence why they read YAF. I disagree whole heartedly. Young adult fiction is not an easy read. What it does is deal with issues directly. It is fast paced and honest. It is definitely not simplistic.

I am passionate about YAF. My PhD was on YAF and I am currently writing a book on how to write YAF for Palgrave. For me YAF is somewhere where our teenagers can escape into, away from a highly pressurised life. A place that is secure where they can ask questions of themselves and the text. Asking themselves how they would react in any given situation. It is all about the vicarious experience. It is up to us as authors to write the best book we can. And for those adult authors who are so dismissive I suggest you give it a go, it is a lot harder than you think. Teenager readers are no where near as tolerant as adult readers. If you haven't hooked them in the first two pages you can forget it. How many of you can do that?

Now go out there and read some YAF. There are some great authors out there and too many to list here. Celebrate YAF and reading. Happy #UKYADAY