Saturday 24 March 2018

A Journey...

Design by Anne Glenn
I started this blog almost exactly eight years ago during the last year or so of my PhD and it has accompanied me on a journey with some great highs but also a few lows. This week I had the thrill of a 'cover reveal' where the cover of my forthcoming book was revealed on Twitter by MGBookVillage. It was extraordinary for many reasons.

Firstly, and probably most importantly I LOVE the cover selected by Firefly Press. It has been designed by Anne Glenn and it totally captures the essence of the story. Secondly, I was once again absolutely overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and love I received following the reveal. The people in the children's lit world really are the most incredibly supportive people you can come across. It was like receiving the biggest virtual hug you can imagine. Social media has had a beating this week, possibly quite rightly so but who knows the true ins and outs of it all but it also can be a really good place to be when used appropriately.

It is strange to think that eight years ago when I had started this blog I had no idea this is where I would end up. However, it seems to me that nothing in my life ends up as I planned. I just get there by accident -  a moment of serendipity perhaps - or it could be said that I take a long way round to get anywhere but I do get there...eventually.

This is only a brief post as a ponder this journey at 12.40am on a Saturday morning when I should be asleep. There is no real message other than maybe, never give up. You might surprise yourself.

I have to include this because of the book.

Friday 2 March 2018

Planning for the future and becoming a marketing expert. Flight begins to fly...

Event with Penny Thomas of Firefly Press
This week I had my first event where I had an opportunity to read from Flight. I was with my publisher Penny Thomas, Firefly Press and we were at my uni, University of Winchester, where we were talking to the MA students plus some members of the public of who had ventured out into the snow. It was a great event organised by Judith Heneghan.

I must be honest it suddenly made me realise that it was all very real and that Flight was going to be published soon...well on August 1st. Very exciting. It came at a perfect time as it a year ago on the 1st March that my great friend Imogen Cooper had rung me to say that Firefly were interested in Flight and so I had begun to live the dream.

I sent the latest edits off recently and have seen what I think is going to be the cover - it is beautiful - I LOVE it! I am very lucky Firefly have made it very easy to work with them. I am now aware that it is all going to move very quickly as I start to plan and move onwards to the launch and beyond.

Suddenly you need to think about a whole lot of different things and become a bit of a marketing person. I need to get my website sorted. I would like to write some school resources that would work well with Flight. I want to check who wants to review the book and also look at doing some blogs perhaps. Obviously, there will be a launch which is a going to be a celebration and a thank you - watch this space for details, and maybe some other events too all that need to be organised. I can't wait it is going to be such fun.

Anyone interested in reviewing Flight, or in me writing a blog for them or even having an event feel free to email me - until the website is sorted best to email me on

Keep an eye out for news. There are going to be some exciting announcements soon!!

Must be honest I love a bit of George Ezra and I do feel as if I am in Paradise