Thursday 27 May 2010

Another bit of inspiration

I mentioned two posts ago that my writing was lacking imagery and doesn't consider the bigger picture just the micronarrative. I was concerned how to address this and then had this moment of inspiration (all my own this time!). I have just picked up Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (it was in my bag I had been looking at the sections on feasting). I opened it at a random chapter and have just broken the whole chapter down paragraph by paragraph. I have said what the aim of the paragraph was, how it was achieved and what was included. I have done this previously with WIlliam Thornton's Mad and Rich, but there I dissected the chapters. I didn't go into as much details.

Very rapidly I have come to realise what I am missing and what I am doing wrong.I already have a page of notes I want to add into the PhD novel - it has got a name, it is called The Other (at the moment that is).

this piece of music is for me

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