Tuesday 4 May 2010

Inappropriate timing

Today has been spent reading Bourdieu's The Field of Cultural Production as a continuation of this RIT article I am writing and wrote about in the previous post. It has been heavy going as it is a case of reading it over and over until I am confident that I understand what he is saying and what my take is on it - with particular reference to creative writing of course. That should be enough shouldn't it really? But what happens I am there concentrating hard on this and can feel an idea barging its way into my mind. It is like someone knocking on the door continuously until you answer it. I try and ignore it forcing myself to focus on doxas and 'space of possibles' but to no avail this idea is going to be heard.

What is this idea that believes it must be heard over my academic work? It is the end of a story I have been working on for 9-12 year olds, a piece of soft fantasy (don't google as I did and found myself being pointed to some sites that had nothing to do with children's stories). I hadn't even been thinking about that piece of work as am snowed under with other things like my PhD. I find it fascinating when things like this happen. There was no way this idea was going to leave until I had heard it out but it had come from no where because I wasn't even thinking about the story. why does it suddenly appear? Is that my sub or un-concsious working away for my benefit?

Whatever it is I love it. The ending it has suggested is just brilliant so I am one very Happ-Ness.

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