Friday 21 May 2010

Reading in the garden on a clear day

I love the picture by Daumier just entitled 'Man reading in garden'. This is my plan for the weekend. A chance to read, write and maybe do some research. Can anyone think of a better way to spend a weekend? No pressures just time, the most precious of all commodities.
I will play with words both from a critical and creative perspective. And a chance to forget the horrendous week I have had at work. When I walk out of the office door today. It won't exist for forty eight hours. Then I will be ready to deal with it again on Monday.
It is quite a juggling act doing a PhD and working. Though I know loads of us who do it. It is learning to prioritise when all you really want to do is work on the PhD - your baby.
I met a new friend last year at a conference in Newcastle. There was a fire alarm in our hotel and we met on the street both clutching our USB sticks - nothing else. We looked at each other and promptly said 'PhD?' SO started a good friendship and we are both still fighting our way through our PhDs.
I still love my PhD and the work I do on it. I know some would say I am very lucky as I know of people who now hate their subjects.
It is my plan over the summer vacation to finish the novel part. And I can't wait to get my teeth into it for long protracted lengths of time.
I hope everyone's weekend is a peaceful as mine (hopefully) will be. One of my favourite songs and one that is important to me today as a lot of things on my PhD have fallen into place

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