Thursday 27 May 2010

Another bit of inspiration ~ 2 ~ Holes

No not the incredible book by Louis Sachar but the holes in my writing. Following my exciting revelation this morning I have gone back over my manuscript (I am not meant to I am supposed to just keep writing). But I couldn't resist. I had to see if it works. And it did! I applied the same process as I did to the Harry Potter Chapter to each paragraph. And I found holes! Places where I needed to develop the imagery, give clues as to what the other people were doing, describe where they are etc. In other words expand the macronarrative. Having found these holes they need to be closed by writing using my all senses. That way the holes disappear but the narrative becomes a whole. You could almost say it is like knitting. You knit away happily and it is only at the end when you lay it flat you spot all the holes where you have dropped a stitch.

A very satisfying afternoon's work. Having found the holes I just need to fill them. That will be tomorrow's job. But I am very pleased with what I have found. Simple things can be enormously satisfying.

The relevance of the picture - it is not just holes - it is bullet holes like the ones my characters will see when they visit The Pegasus Bridge

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