Wednesday 26 May 2010

End notes and inspirational moments

As I said yesterday I had a meeting with regards to my PhD. At the moment the focus is on the creative piece as my aim is to have the complete first draft finished by the end of the summer. One of the issues I am having at the moment is a serious case of information dumping on the page. As the story unfolds so I throw it down on the page. Consequently I end up sharing too much information with the reader too soon. As was pointed out to me, once it is on the page you can't drip feed it. It removes any sense of subtlety.

But a solution was offered and it is a gem of pure genius. So simple that I can't believe it never came to me. AM suggested that as these moments of inspiration start jumping up and down in my head instead of info-dumping within the story. PUT IT IN AN END NOTE! And it works. I have just tried it. I can put notes of ways I want the story to go, pertinent lines that are not right to be used yet, ideas of incidents for characters. I have a book full of notes too but this concept of using an end note is wonderful. Your ideas are there at the end of your finger tips and as you work the idea into the story so you can remove the end note.

Thank you AM for a moment of pure genius

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