Wednesday 10 February 2010

The real reason

I have set this blog up partly as part of a module I am following/using for a research informed teaching project I am doing. I am looking at ways to encourage creative writing students to engage with the concept of research.But in the main it will be a place for my musings. I am currently doing a creative writing PhD and sometimes all my ideas of my creative and critical processes get confused and need straightening out - hence chaosmos - out of chaos comes order. I intend to use this blog as a metaphorical 'ironing board' (secret I love ironing slightly damp white sheets that smell beautiful and look crisp at the end - sorry I digress). A chance to put my ramblings down to see if I can come to some sort of conclusion.

One of my thoughts is the idea that creativity and criticality form a gyre, a never ending process that continuously develops and evolves: (see picture above) It is one of the many things I will be contemplating through this blog along with rhythm (as previously stated) and whatever else happens to come to mind as I try and complete my PhD. However, please be assured I am not arrogant enough to assume I will achieve any answers just might be able to see things clearer.

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