Tuesday 16 February 2010

it is a clear day

I would like to be walking along a beach today because the fog has gone. Everything suddenly has become clear as crystal. Isn't it good when that happens? When all the discordant pieces fall into place making sense of the world...or rather the PhD. And all it took was listening to W H Auden's 'Night Mail':
That sense of rhythm, the undulation of tone....oh and a really useful supervisory meeting. As I said in a previous posting I wasn't sure whether a supervisor should be an editor too but the meeting this morning proved that they can be both. It was a good balance between critical theory, creativity and editing. I left with threads of Foucault's Panoptican and Bakhtin's Carnivalesque forming a web of fiction that will draw any teenager in.I love it when a plan comes together (who said that?)
I got told off for a red gingham cliche so as a foil to that here is a suitably naff but self explantory song lol

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