Tuesday 9 February 2010

Rhythm of life....

There is a picture by Jean Michel Folon which I see as me (it portrays a man flying with a heart as a head) as someone who follows her heart rather than her head. I was introduced to this artist by someone who has created many new rhythms in my life through work, often making me open my eyes and see and hear things differently. All of which have had a direct impact on the beat of my writing and made me reconsider how I approach things. Please excuse this indulgence but I am very conscious of the beat of a heart at the moment. Tomorrow I will celebrate another year to add to the many others since my heart first started to beat and as I write the person who gave me that beat of life is fighting to keep their heart working.
But what I really want to say is that age does not stop you experiencing things for the first time whatever it may be. As a writer I know I have to be open to these experiences and welcome them. Allowing each one to add a beat to my writing. That echoing rhythm of verisimilitude that only lived out experience can bring. However, sometimes you can try too hard and you lose that natural rhythm. That is where I am now - I think. I need to step back open my eyes wide, listen hard and feel with my heart. Let the world light my way and remember to enjoy every moment that is given to me and find that rhythm.
This is pure indulgence too and it is for CLT because of the memories and laughter and it is part of the sound track to my rhythm of life

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