Sunday, 28 February 2010

Rumination and germination

I love that moment when a seed of an idea falls from a star and plants itself in your brain waiting for a point of germination. The point of germination comes when a story is ready for it and only then. The other components from the story whether plot or character feed and water that germinating idea until it blooms into a fully formed thought ready for rumination.
Rumination is the point when you take the idea and roll it around like a boiled sweet in your mouth. It starts to fit properly in to your story but then comes the hard bit, you have to get that fully formed idea that you have honed impeccably on to the page. The words you use need to paint the image exactly as it is in your head. It needs to live as much as it does there so the reader gets to see your picture too. This I think could be tied in with Meg Rosoff's idea of 'throughness' and writing as a reader.
I have one of those little gems of an idea rolling round my head at the moment, it dips and dives as it develops ready for ruminating. It comes from all the books, music and films that fill my head. But it is an idea on its own belonging to no one else and ready soon to appear on the page. To create a special moment for the reader...or so I hope.
Enjoy catching your own ideas as they fall from the stars, germinate them then when fully grown ruminate with them until they are ready to be painted on your page.
I have used this song purely because of a conversation with someone who had a life size cardboard cut out of Bruce in her office (connected with work). So this if for those moments past H

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