Monday 22 February 2010

sadness at the world

Munch's The Scream (or The cry) couldn't be more applicable to the way I feel about the world and the people in it at times. I find it sad that so many people think it is acceptable to be rude and arrogant. There is no excuse or justification for it. Maybe there would be less animosity, selfishness and possibly even poverty if we learnt to be generous of heart instead of being totally wrapped up in the self.
We all have pressures whether they are family, work, financial, health or a perceived lifestyle that needs to be achieved but these pressures do not give anyone the right to stop thinking of others and of caring. A smile, a please or a thank you cost nothing but can lift someone's day enormously because you don't know what they might be going through behind that facade of normality.
I watched the news tonight, it is full of flood and tempest and yes the Biblical reference was deliberate. I do think someone/thing/whatever is sending us a message. It is saying 'sort yourself out' to society in general. Stop being greedy and self-centred. Stop destroying each other and the world we share. In fact it is just saying STOP AND THINK before you do anything - could you hurt someone/something either physically or emotionally by your actions, could you make someone feel better by doing something different?

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