Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Brahms and Jane Austen

I received a telephone call this morning...'Fancy the lunchtime concert at the cathedral?' As the brain went through all the things that had to be done before tomorrow the mouth said yes. And what an intelligent thing to do. It was glorious.

I love the cathedral anyway and we are only a short walk from there. We are also very lucky that all our graduations take place in there so are particularly glorious. Every Tuesday they have a free one hour concert so in we went. Not only did we have a chance to listen to some glorious music by The Due Teresa Carreno, a leading Venezuelan ensemble but we got a look at some of the Jane Austen exhibits.

In particular a poem written by her on her 33rd birthday. It was a wonderful feeling just seeing her writing. I did hope some of her magic would rub off on me.

As I said the music was incredible. There was a cello that looked like it had been honed out of amber, its colour was so rich and its sound resonated warmth round us all. It truly was a 'moment' when everything seems ok. It was a step in re-awakening the heart and retrieving the soul.

This is one of the pieces we listened to. Thank you Tina for the call.

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