Thursday, 3 June 2010

Moving fast

A scary photo. I hate pictures of myself. It never matches the perfect picture I have in my head so it is always a disappointment. The only reason I took the photo was because a friend wanted to see the new hair cut. I should have taken it yesterday when I had it first done. Ezra knows how to make it look perfect but I am learning again. I had a lot of my hair cut off yesterday for many reasons, some health related but in the main a bit of rebellion, my mother hated me having short hair! Behind me you can just see a collection of small sculptures. I fell in love with another one to add to the collection yesterday when I went to the local art gallery. This time instead of being a bird it is a yacht. It is very simple with smooth lines and the hint of a chance to escape.

This neatly takes me on to the other aspects of my life that are moving so fast. The tickets arrived for Normandy with the following as the description of where I am staying: renowned for its gastronomic restaurant (pity I can't eat!!), this ancient priory is at the quiet end of the city, overlooking the chateau. The adjoining chapel has been converted into a breakfast room and fitness suite. I am so excited, it is the first time I will have been away without worrying. I am also thrilled with the idea of bringing a deeper sense of verisimilitude to my novel.

But I have also booked my train tickets for Cambridge. I am going to give a paper at a conference there in September. I am currently fighting desperately with the said paper. I have too much to say and only have 2000 words!

I have journeys planned and a sense of freedom not felt for a very long time. The excitement just about stifles the guilt I feel about feeling so good. I am a bit old for this but feel a bit like I am a fledgling....can you get a fledgling with salt and pepper hair and more perforations than a t-bag?

Life may be moving fast but I am still managing to keep up. And I may yet have to get that yacht to add to my collection as a memento of this new freedom. :-)

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