Monday, 21 June 2010

Connections and circles ~ 2

Sometimes in life things happen for a reason like when you find you suddenly and unexpectedly connect with someone. You can never predict it nor can you force it. It just happens that you are interested in the same things, think the same way sometimes, laugh at the same things and maybe have had similar experiences. The connection is always mutual, it forms a circle, as your experience can inform their experiences which inform yours.

In this post I originally discussed a few people that this connection had happened with but sitting back and thinking about it there are actually so many that I couldn't do a single blog on them and they have all had such a major impact on my life it is wrong to not mention them

So I am going to delete all mention of everyone on the basis that you know who you are and you know how important to me you are and the difference you have made.

All these connections that I have made have had an influence on my PhD in their way. But what you need to do with any connections is that you must look after and cherish them and not abuse. Just to be grateful that these people have stepped in to your life. As they will make a difference. When I achieve my PhD it will be partly down to the connections I have made.

Thank you all for your time and your thoughts.

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