Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A complicated journey

This, I believe, is where I am staying in Caen. I go tomorrow afternoon for three nights. I am going there in order to do some research for my PhD novel which is based around there and has links with the D Day Landings. It should be (sorry) will be a wonderful experience.
It puts a slight dampener on it when you try and organise what you need to take. I have a very small bag with clothes in and one very big bag with all the paraphernalia that I have to drag with me in order to keep me alive! But I am not thinking about that.
This trip is for me.I am aware, and it has been said to me, that I am writing with my head at the moment and not my heart.I need to reconnect with my soul so that I can bring life and emotion to my writing again. Hopefully whilst on this trip I will be able to. I have no one else to consider just myself. A very strange feeling but one I am hoping I can revel in.
I am going to soak in the atmosphere and sit and watch people. What a perfect writer's life.Plus I have since found out that Caen has one of the best art collections in Europe. Might just have to find my way there too.
In the last six months my life has changed totally and I am aware of how lucky I am. I wouldn't be going to Caen if these things hadn't happened. I thought I would add a bit of Jason Mraz and his lucky to mine.

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