Friday, 18 June 2010

My Bed Fellow

I thought I would introduce you to my bed fellow. My new pump finally arrived. There is another reason I am showing you this machine that helps me stay alive and keep going. I have decided to stop wasting the time I am attached to it (which amounts up to ten hours)instead I am going to use it for concentrated reading or writing time on my PhD. I often feel quite claustrophobic attached to it as you can't just decide to go and do something wild or even quite boring! . The pile of pillows (note I even managed to co-ordinate the pump with my bed linen!) is because I cannot lie flat whilst attached...nasty things can happen if I do.

It is very noisy, it whirrs and squeaks a lot and the tube pulls quite a bit. I always say it is like sleeping with a man but without any of the benefits! (I am talking wallet there!)

There, so you now have been introduced to my important other half. It is the thing that is going to allow me to make this PhD something special as it will give me the strength. It is also the reason why some days I am not as strong as I would like to be. But it won't stop me.

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  1. Ick - poor you! Still, at least it keeps you going and also you get enforced reading/writing time. And it's beautifully co-ordinated!