Thursday, 29 April 2010

words and music

I was wondering today whether I am the only person whose mood can be totally transformed by either music or wonderful words. I know I am lucky in that a deep depression (to me) can be lifted by an unexpected piece of music or perfect phrase that can float into my mind and push the dark clouds away.
I have always wanted my life to have a sound track to it just like a film. Luckily where I live when I visit the city often there are buskers playing and they provide me with my own personal sound track.
 I watched a programme this morning based around what Soweto Strings do and their amazing work with some of the children. It took a heavy heart and lifted it to the top of the world where I was reminded what a difference music can make.
But I don't believe it is just music, it can be words, art, or dance to name just a few. They all have their moments when they can lift a person. Obviously with the focus of my PhD it is the thought of the power that words can have. The difference just a few well placed sentences can make to someone who is in need of reassurance, understanding or even just a bit of escapism is enough to make you want to sit in front of your computer screen and create some magic.
When I get to the office I will put a clip in of the music they play so beautifully. It is very frustrating that my computer at home won't let me do it.

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