Monday, 19 April 2010

Batting ideas about

All that is needed to break down brick walls is a metaphorical game of tennis. A chance to bat ideas around with someone who is aware of the process and maybe even the proposed story.
It has to be someone who is not going to pat you on the head, saying sweetly, 'that's lovely.' They have to challenge you to justify your ideas, to offer alternatives, in other words forcing you to think your way through the brick wall. You come out the other not dusty and battered but invigorated and energised, again just like a really good game of tennis.
This post may give you a clue that I have had just such a game and now my brick wall has dissolved in front of me and I am writing again. The trouble is I knew the answer but just didn't believe myself. I could have saved a lot of time if I just had faith in myself. Maybe that comes with time and experience...or maybe not.
Am off to the London Book Fair tomorrow, just to explore and see what it is like. It is apparently very quiet due to the world being traumatised and shut down by volcanic ash. That might mean that all of these publishers have lots of time to talk to me and I can go back to University with gems of information that I can share with my students about the publishing industry. It is also research for the critical piece of my PhD so I can talk with confidence about the YAF market as it stands at the moment.
I am off to start writing now that my tennis match has resolved my blockage! Good thing I have a Director of Studies to play tennis with who tolerates my eccentricities.

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