Saturday 10 July 2010

Perfection is not always perfect # 2

Following on from the post this morning I have now written the chapter that was inspired by Jen's comment. I have written it in a different way and I have yet to decide whether it works or not. My PhD is looking at the issues of representing/representation of sex, drugs and alcohol in British contemporary YAF (the fact it is British is important as the US deals with some things very differently).
The subject of my PhD means I am very aware of how sex is portrayed not only in books but in all other forms of media as well. This perfect form that is offered to teenagers by these mediums highlights 'The' way to do it and 'The' way they have to look. But 'The' doesn't exist. Perfect doesn't exist - as I said in the previous post - perfection is not perfect. This is the approach I have taken to this particular chapter. What I have found though is how fine the line is between writing about a loving sexual act and writing pornography. The approach I have taken is to consider what language I am using, trying for the gentle rather than the brutal but still keeping it real and not slushy or aggressive. Maybe I can claim to be the moral pornographer as suggested by Angela Carter? Who knows? Only time and the thesis will tell.

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