Monday 19 July 2010

Perfect Days

You can never have too many 'Perfect Days'. Yesterday was one of mine. What has this got to do with my PhD....everything.
Yesterday my job in the morning was to get my daughter out of her house and take her shopping. At a set time (actually slightly earlier as she was so cold - sorry Greg) I brought her back. She found a house full of her friends and family all there to celebrate her birthday...or so she thought...I knew different.
Half way through the afternoon, and beautifully planned, Greg put their song on and she was presented with a birthday cake. The cake was rapidly removed and Greg turned to my darling daughter and asked 'Will you marry me!?' She couldn't speak for crying. As were the rest of us! Don't worry we did get out of that the crying meant 'Yes!'. I am delighted, they are the most gorgeous couple and I know their life will be full of happiness and joy. Plus they have made me a very proud step-grandmother of three wonderful children. It really was a perfect day.
As for my PhD, I wouldn't be doing it without the support of my daughter and my two sons. They gave me the confidence to go to uni in the first place and have encouraged me the whole way through from BA to MA to, now, PhD. They often give me inspiring ideas for stories....not always deliberately ;-). They have stood by me however difficult things got or however ill I was. They were always there.
So to Charlie, Leo and Toby plus now Greg, AJ, Seb and Bea - Thank you. May there be many more 'perfect days' for all of us.

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