Wednesday 21 July 2010

Celebrations and Memories.

This is a self indulgent piece. The photo is my family. These are the ones who as I said in my previous post have supported me and encouraged me throughout this new part of life. The occasion was the night my Mother's funeral. We got together as a family and I don't just mean my lot. I am one of five and we have all produced numerous children who have all started to pair off and produce themselves. To meet as a family is no small event.It was a wonderful evening as we all spoke about our memories. There was a lot of laughter. She was a character.

Today is another of those days. This time it is of celebrations and memories. Celebrations because it is my daughter's birthday. Memories because my daughter shared her birthday with her grandmother, along with a love of ballet that is. As a tribute we are going to see the Bolshoi ballet perform tomorrow night.

It is the first birthday without her. It has been a strange and hard day so far. There is an emptiness where she should be but a wonderful friend pointed out she was as close as my heartbeat. I am sure she is watching over us and hope enjoying the celebrations. Tonight we will toast her.

This blog is meant to be about my PhD but sometimes life gets in the way so you can't write or research. Today is one of those days. I will be back on track tomorrow - 43,000 words is not a bad place to be starting from, the novel will be finished soon and then it will be back to the critical piece.

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