Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Possibilities 2

Today is a glorious day. I am very lucky where I live I can walkout of the house and watch polo ponies being exercised. As I drove out of the village several wonderful songs were played on the radio, the sun was shining and all the hedgerows and trees all have a shimmer of green. The world today is full of possibilities and new beginnings.
In my post yesterday I talked about possibilities and I directed you to one of AM's blogs where he talks about not taking the easy route when writing. Today I have found a book that takes him at his word. I am currently reading No and Me by Delphine De Vigan as I will be reviewing it be Writeaway. It is a wonderful book that does anything but take the easy route. De Vigan definitely paints fantastic pictures with her words. She challenges concepts and explores ideas of identity and stereotype. It is the sort of book that you aspire to write like as it provides the 'oh' and 'throughness' moments as previously mentioned. You walk into the first page and it wraps the words you drawing you in.
Lou is young and has ultra bright so has been moved up a couple of years in school. She decides to do a presentation on homelessness and meets No because of it. It is a gentle story that asks questions of itself and the reader. It is sentimental without being clawing, in particular the section where Lou describes the death of her sister through a cot death. It has been translated from the French into English by George Miller and the act of translation seems to have been so expertly done that the story has lost nothing.
This is a book which reminds me why I want to write, why I encourage others to write and most importantly why I insist people read if they want to become good writers. If I can achieve an ounce of what this book does then I will be a happy woman.
Today with the sun shining, the ponies galloping and the trees budding I am going to grab those moments of possibility and new beginning and run with them.
Possibilities - don't like the film but...

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