Saturday, 27 March 2010

Even in Creative Writing....

I was surprised to hear at a meeting in a higher education establishment someone say: 'Even creative writing must have some form of methodology and pedagogy.' I thought we had got beyond this sort of attitude and that there was a greater understanding and acceptability of a creative writing degree, but it appears not. I am just beginning to write a paper on research informed teaching and its implications in creative writing and having heard this comment I realise how important it is that I get it write [sic].
You can understand why so many parents see creative writing as a waste of space as a degree when you hear it being devalued by others who work on different degrees. The lack of value is only in their lack of understanding. The university where I work and am doing my PhD made a deliberate pedagogical decision to create modules, particularly in the second and third year, which are outward facing. It is two of these that I will be focusing on within my paper, both of which highlight the benefit of research informed teaching and teaching informed research. It is also the approach taken by the respective module leaders that ensures the students become totally engaged.
I am really looking forward to writing this paper as I feel I really have something to say and that, just maybe, I may help educate those who pass comment on any perceived lack of methodology and pedagogy in creative writing. I am considering, and have been encouraged to, submit the paper to a conference in Australia. Let's get it written first and see what happens.
But my world is so full of possibilities and connections it is a very exciting place to be and I want to share it. Plus I really, really want people to understand how useful a creative writing degree can be and how embedded it is in research informed teaching etc etc
I will now get down off my soap box....but watch this may get to hear more.

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