Monday, 1 March 2010

a perfect phrase

A perfect phrase came to me today. A phrase that I will use to connect two characters and build a whole chapter out of.
It is a simple phrase that is just four words long. But they are four words that say a whole lot in a very simple way. They are full of possibilities. The story could go in any direction from them, they will be a hub, a starting point.
Will I share them? No not yet, they aren't ready, the are new barely formed. In their infancy as they find their way in my mind ready to lead me on to the next bit of the story. Ready to create a million possibilities from four short words. See they don't have to be long or complicated in order to paint pictures with. They just need to bring colour to your story. Hopefully they will bring enough depth to encourage the reader to walk into the story and be part of it by tring to create 'throughness' ( and previous posts) or that 6th sense that brings the 'oh' moment (AM -

They are perfect in my eyes but it may be when I show them to someone else they won't see the magic I do. In which case I will have failed as a writer to paint the best picture possible for the reader from such a small collection of letters. Therefore I need to go back to that sixth sense to find the write [sic] words and not, as we were told today, take the easy route, instead explore all possibilities .
And a perfect song for a perfect image:

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