Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bad tempered and stroppy

This is me today - bad tempered cow. I am trying to do too much and juggle too many things and to top it all have picked up a bug which is making me feel 'proper poorly' she says in a man flu way. Now, do I do the sensible thing and hide away until the sun shines again? No I rant and rave at anyone who happens to even speak to me whether they deserve it or not.
I have a deadline and the pressure is huge. It would be ok if I just had that one thing to do but I don't. I have various other projects on the go plus lecturing. People say kind and helpful things, like 'you do too much.' And then I just want to rant again and say if I don't do it no one else will do it.
Why can't I just be Pollyanna like and take it all smiling without being Grumpy, I would make a great dwarf in Snow White. This is definitely a Harrumph moment. Time to kick a few plants and send emails apologising to the people [person] I have ranted at.
Tomorrow is another day and it will be has to be or I could be done for something criminal LOL
A good clip that includes my friend McBernard Bear....if you can spot him.


  1. Nope watched it twice now and still can't see him! Was he lying on the ground wiggling his feet?? How is he by the way - I saw him at graduation but not since. And where does McBernard Bear come from.....? xxx

  2. That's coz he's not there as I found out later. He apparently had an elbow injury which meant he couldn't be crucified! Oops. McBernard Bear is one of several names now used. He is very good and inspiring lots of students. xxx

  3. He was in it just before this I think. When the centurion says "hands up who wants to be released" - that's him. He was my Creativity teacher and we all had a great time.