Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow Day

Well this is what faced me this morning when I woke up. Over 20cms of snow. In fact so deep that it is over the knees of the twins Seb and Bea. The schools are closed as it the uni. One son's work is throwing a wobbly because he can't get out of the village which seems ironic when the police are saying do not travel unless it is for an emergency!
Apparently it is the wrong sort of snow for those in my family who like to build snowmen (any of you who know me and know of their previous endeavours will understand my relief)
It has given me a day I hadn't planned for to work on my marking and to do some more for the PhD. A good snow day. I am also going to plan sessions to be done via email for classes tomorrow just in case.
Stay warm and write lots everyone

1 comment:

  1. hard to believe when I was there just two short weeks ago it looked nothing like that! Stay snug and warm!