Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Christmas is such an emotional time and has so many expectations attributed to it. You are not meant to feel lonely at this time of year and you are supposed to be overflowing with the joys of the world. But for some that is too much to ask at the moment and for those of you where that might be the case my thoughts are with you.

This is our first Christmas without Nanny - the photo of her above is in her usual pose at Christmas time! At times it feels very strange and the tears flow at the most inconvenient moments - I wish Tescos didn't play her favourite carols - But I know it was her time to go and she would have been so unhappy with a life full of pain if she had survived. I know she and my father still watch over us. This Christmas Day I will with the three people that I love more than I can say. My children. They are my heroes and I hope 2011 brings them and Greg and the children lots of happiness.

Over the last year I have made some wonderful new friends and thanks to facebook can remain in contact with them where ever they are. I hope they all have a wonderful Christmas and would like to say thank you for coming into my life and making it richer. These new friends are added to the collection of wonderful friends I already had who have been like a rock this year supporting me and encouraging me all the way. I am lucky and I know it to be surrounded (metaphorically and literally) by such great and inspirational people.

Though my Christmas will be strange I know it will be good. My thoughts are with all those who may have had their Christmas plans ruined by the weather but in particular my thoughts are with those who have very poorly loved ones. And for all those who, like me, lost someone special this year remember them at Christmas time with love and happiness and try not to be too sad as I am sure they wouldn't want you to be.

Happy Christmas everyone and have an amazing 2011

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