Wednesday 15 September 2010


Firstly the situation as it is at the moment. The novel, which is the creative part of my PhD, is complete - well a polished first draft. It is currently with the DoS for feedback, as you probably know I have received feedback on the first 100 pages which was in the main good and constructive. Am waiting to get the rest before I can do much more to the novel. Therefore I need to focus on the critical aspect of the PhD. This accompanies the creative piece and is linked to it. It can be given various names from critical commentary to rationale to exegesis.
This is the piece I am planning for at the moment. When I am working on the more academic stuff I have to have a plan. I need to know which direction I am going in and what I am hoping to achieve. At the moment this is proving to be rather vague which I am finding difficult. I need to decide how much of my previous research needs to be included and whether I can focus more on the creative process (which I would like). I have made a list of chapter headings as the first stage of my plan. I am not sure how set in stone they are but at least I have a sense of the direction I am going in. Part of the problem is I also have a lot to say and I need to decide what is important and relevant. It is going to be a case of a lot of planning and several notebooks (I always work on the basis that the smarter the notebook the more intelligent the notes inside)
I am also hoping for an epiphanic moment telling me exactly what needs to be included ...I'll keep you posted

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