Tuesday 10 August 2010

Old cogs

My brain feels like it is full of old, rusty cogs. I have been working on the creative part of my PhD for quite a few weeks now and hopefully it will be finished next week when I am on retreat. Today I started looking at some of the other work I have to do. This included a paper I am giving in November and I admit I had a little panic.
Trying to get the brain to change gear and start moving in a critical rather than creative way was very difficult - though I would argue that they work together and from each other and are in fact inseparable. I suppose what it really is is a matter of focus rather than separate functions and my critical focus had become a bit blurred. What I do know is that I definitely needed some WD40 to oil the cogs to smooth the way.
In the end it wasn't WD40 that got it going again, it was good old Baudrillard who woke it up, refocused it and even got the brain excited as it remembered why I was going to do this paper and also how I can apply some of his ideas to my PhD.
Normal service has been resumed!

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