Tuesday 24 August 2010

An Achievement

This photograph is the front cover of my PhD Novel. At my last meeting with my Director of Studies I was set the task of having a complete, polished first draft of the novel. Well, here it is. I will be going into the university tomorrow to print it off and send it to him for this perusal and thoughts. It is called 'Ham and Jam' because that was the signal during the D Day landings to indicate that the Pegasus Bridge had been taken. The story is about a group of students who go to Normandy as part of their History course whilst there they rescue a very young girl who is being used in the sex trade. it is the story of how they save her.
I am pleased with it. Having the opportunity to work for such a dedicated amount of time up in Scotland made a huge difference along with the good feedback I was given there too. I have acted upon it all. I think I have achieved a sense of place now. I have read the whole thing out loud so I can hear the words and perform the dialogue to know it works and it does. It is as polished as I can get it now.
Feeling a bit vacant and lost now. Need to switch back into lecturer mode now and attack the long list of work that needs to be completed along with the papers that need writing and journal that needs editing. Listing it like that maybe I'll just go back to being a writer...

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  1. Well done Ness. This really is a fabulous achievement. Now you have to get back to work, yes, but also start the next one!!