Saturday, 29 March 2014

For Mothers and Women Everywhere

She did love her wine...
Time for a more personal blog. It is Mothering Sunday tomorrow and I am lucky enough to be spending it with my children. Unfortunately this lady won't be with us. This is another photo of my mother. As you already know a lover of wine. We all still miss our wine times but do our best to keep up the family tradition.

She was born in a time when often a woman's dreams were not allowed to be fulfilled. In fact she was sent away to boarding school in Belgium in an attempt squash them. The Second World War intervened and she had many a story to tell about her time as a WRN. There was a brief moment when she acted with Laurence Olivier but she never really could become the actress she dreamt of. She loved poetry, theatre, ballet, books, music, singing and laughing (oh and wine). She saw beauty in so much but also knew exactly how to let someone know she wasn't impressed with them.

Her dreams put to one side she brought up five children who all followed their own lives and did their own thing. Four daughters and one son. All daughters are now mothers and their own daughters are beginning to be mothers too.

From one woman and one man came this family, which I am very proud and grateful to be part of (and we're not all here)

So this blog is for all of us. All those mothers and women out there. Follow your dreams however big or small.

This was one of the 'old girl's' favourite songs so seems appropriate to put here. We still miss her so much. Happy day!



  1. Beautiful Vanessa. Thank you.
    To all those who still have their mums, cherish them.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and definitely cherish them. So hard when they are no longer there.

  2. Out of dreams come other dreamers - my mother passed on her dreams and I'm sure she knew. What a grand family, Vanessa.

    1. I love that idea Sue, thank you for posting