Friday 13 January 2012

'Just in case' moments

After the last post there has been quite a bit of debate via Facebook and other blogs on what is meant by 'commercial' and the future of publishing. All of which was very interesting but it is Friday, I have finished marking and I don't start teaching till next week so this post is a very light-hearted one.

I have a question - did you ever practice your signature just in case you marry that man that you were currently in the first throes of love? Maybe it was just me, I am an old romantic at heart you know.

I call that a 'just in case' moment.

Well I have found another 'just in case' moment whilst I was driving the other day. This time it was about who would I dedicate my book to and what the acknowledgments would say 'just in case' my books ever got published....(if you were wondering the answer was very easy to come up with but you will have to wait for the books to be published in order to see what my answer was!)

Do you have any 'just in case' moments?

Normal posts will resume shortly....

And because we are all 'glass half full people'


  1. Constantly. Although it was quite a while back now that I stopped rehearsing presenting Blue Peter, just in case I become a Blue Peter presenter'.

  2. Oh yes to be a Blue Peter Presenter! I also used to practice what I was going to say when I won Badminton Horse Trials! And what I am going to say when I win a BAFTA....I so want one of those statues!!