Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sentimentality and Mother's Day

Earlier this week I was accused of being a sentimental old cow....and I can't deny it, I am every one of those things. Music, words, places, people and the things they do mean a huge amount to me. And this is going to be unashamedly sentimental post.

In the UK it is Mother's Day, the first without the old dear. She always saw it is as another excuse for a few glasses of wine but also loved to receive huge bunches of flowers and to see all her children. This time last year she was in hospital and I have a wonderful photo of my three sisters sitting up in bed in her house before they went off to see her. It is also the first for my daughter who is a soon to be mummy so lots to look forward to and try not to look backwards too often. I know I am lucky with my children, they have been so strong and coped with so much. Dealing with a suddenly disabled mother when you are 15, 13 and 11 is not easy but they did it. They have been my inspiration for my PhD and have kept me going throughout. They are not perfect but I wouldn't want them to be.

We are also part of a large family and I have so many sentimental memories of my times with them. Some not that long ago at a huge family wedding. And we really didn't mean to set fire to the tables....

As I said I am proud to be sentimental in the same way I like to say thank you and let people know how much I appreciate them. So for all those Mummy's out there, Happy Mother's Day, for all my friends and family. Thank you for being there. To my children - tough you're stuck with me x

The song attached is also pure sentimentality and for the gorgeous daughter. It was one of 'our' songs.

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