Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Perfect Day....

Not smiling at the moment
This is a short post and off topic but I couldn't let it go by unrecognised. The death of Lou Reed, at the age of 71, has just been announced. Please excuse this indulgence.

His song Perfect Day has got me through some very difficult times. Even now the song can bring tears to my eyes as I remember. It was one of the songs that is part of the soundtrack of my life. Some happy moments, some angry, some desperately and painfully sad.

It was a song my mother loved too. She always said there were so many perfect days in her life and how lucky she was. She was right, I also have had many perfect days in my life and many things to celebrate. Who've thought I'd be doing what I am now? Certainly not me.

Perfect Song is obviously not Lou's only success. He was a hugely influential and successful song writer and guitarist. My thoughts are with his family.

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