Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A new book on teaching creative writing

I'm in this!
Teaching Creative Writing - Practical Approaches is edited by Elaine Walker and published by Creative Writing Studies, an inprint of The Professional and Higher Partnership Ltd. It is full of chapters written by the likes of Philip Gross, Steve May, Craig Batty, Donna Lee Brien, Gill James to name but a few. The idea behind the book is to showcase practical approaches to teaching creative writing in higher education. All the chapters are written by practitioners. Each innovative chapter is based on an exercise that can be borrowed or adapted. Also, I have to say this, the cover is absolutely beautiful - such a girl I know!

Chapter titles include such exercises as: 'Who I am' icebreaker: establishing a group dynamic, by Elaine Walker; Gift Wraps: a collaborative poetry game, by Philip Gross and Steve May's: Paperless workshop: save trees, increase interaction, reduce preciousness. I have gone through the book and it gave me so many ideas. It is always interesting to see how other people do things. I can't wait to be back teaching in September and using many of these exercises in my workshops.

The current edition is really aimed at libraries but a lower priced paperback edition will be coming out later. In the meantime there is also an e-edition if you are interested. Check it out here: http://creativewritingstudies.wordpress.com/how-to-buy-our-publications/

I cannot deny I am still new enough to this game to be thrilled to see my name in print. Does that ever get tiresome? I wonder what will have my name attached to it next...a book on writing YAF or a piece of fiction - who knows but watch this space.

And for all those dreams here is Newton Faulkner's Dream Catch Me


  1. Thanks for information about the new book. Looks interesting.
    Love your music link ~ my blog this week is on Crossing the Bridge of Dreams so looks we are in the same zone at the moment!

  2. We definitely are...have just read your post too, really interesting. Am glad you liked the music, one of my favourites.