Sunday, 1 January 2012

Chaosmos and a Beautiful Tomorrow!

Don't you just love it when you find two French philosophers agree with what you say? Maybe it is just an academic thing. Recently when I am not marking,, or battling with my rewrites, I have been doing a bit of reading for a paper I am trying to write. Anyway, those of you who were here at the beginning of this blog a couple of years ago will know that it is called Chaosmos because that is a term used by James Joyce, in his book Finnegans Wake, to imply out of chaos comes order . It is also a term I use to describe my writing style. I get all sorts of ideas and write down snippets of thoughts, poems or conversations I hear and things I see. Out of all this chaos my story will develop. OK, I can hear you say, what has this got to do with the reading mentioned earlier? Well, I was reading the conclusion to Deleuze's and Guattari's book entitled What is Philosophy? and I came across the following quote

'Art is not chaos but a composition of chaos that yields the vision or sensation, so that it constitutes, as Joyce says, a chaosmos, a composed chaos - neither foreseen nor preconceived.'

What a joy, they think like I do!! This little quote has given me the courage to take that first step off the precipice as it made me realise that this really does have the potential to be an amazing year!

Here is Beth Rowley singing Beautiful Tomorrow, except I think the beautiful tomorrow started today.

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