Thursday, 4 August 2011


In June I gained a doctorate then in July this gorgeous person pictured here joined our family. He is my grandson and very precious. As I cuddled him last night I told him about all the books I am going to write for him. It started me thinking about what I should do next.

This blog was my musings about my PhD and now that is virtually over I think it is time to stop. If I decide I have something worth saying maybe I will start a new blog. But for now it is time to move on. To those that have followed me, thank you.

I went to see these two groups when they performed at the hallowed Wembley stadium and yes I did pick a blade of grass. I saw Simon & Garfunkle in 1981 and Simply Red in 1991 then in 2001 I was too ill to do anything, and now, it is 2011. These songs have followed me around for many, many years and I think, for me, they are appropriate songs to finish with as I say goodbye and as I move on to who knows what. Enjoy!

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