Wednesday, 9 February 2011

It's been a while...

Oh the guilt, one of my new year's resolutions was to blog more - failed miserably but with good reason though as every waking moment is focused on the PhD. I was warned (repeatedly) how hard the last few months were, but hey I thought I'm tough I can cope with anything, have you seen how much crap I have had to deal with. Failed again. This afternoon I got close to throwing the laptop across the room in frustration as my brain just wouldn't think through the idea I needed it to. It felt like it could explode at any moment but I got there. Alongside the stress is the satisfaction of seeing something that has been part of my life for the last four years develop into something truly tangible and, of course, it will be worth it in the end...

Tomorrow is my birthday and the start of another year, a year in which, hopefully, I will get my PhD, my gorgeous daughter will present me with an equally gorgeous baby and I hope to have a bedroom to sleep in and another room to work/live in. At the moment and for the last four years I have lived/slept/worked all in one room. It is too complicated to explain why but just take my word for it. Maybe once it is sorted I will post a picture of the new rooms. There are a lot of new beginnings and in some ways quite a few endings. This time last year I could not possibly of anticipated what the year was to bring so who knows what will happen this year. I was born in the year of the Rabbit, as was my eldest son and gorgeous daughter's partner. Apparently last week when it was the Chinese New Year, it was the year of the Rabbit and therefore should be a lucky one for the three of us. That would be good.

Note to self: must try harder lol

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  1. Try any harder and you just might explode! You're doing fine, Ness, and we're one hundred (and ten?) percent behind you.