Monday, 13 September 2010

Thinking critically

Today I had planned to write a paper for a conference I have in a few weeks. It didn't happen. Mainly because there are a lot of ideas swishing around in my brain that are connected with the critical aspect of my PhD. They kept jumping in front of any ideas I might have for the paper and needed to be written down just in case I forgot them. At the moment they are just snippets of ideas linking the creative process with my research. There have been bits of Bourdieu bumbling alongside thoughts of the panoptican (an all seeing character) and the carnivalesque (a transgressive character) whilst intertwined with thoughts of connectedness and the vicarious experience. - not related at the moment but who knows how it will finally work. But these moments and snippets are vital and it is important that I keep all these notes and ideas so I can eventually pull together a coherent critical piece that explores my creative processes. A short and sweet blog for today. Am hoping the brain will stop swishing so much and let me focus on my paper tomorrow.
However, note to self: Don't throw anything away. It may be vital. Write all these notes in a note book and not on scraps of paper.

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